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Camel Crusher Product Review

Camel Crusher Review


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The Camel Crusher VST has definitely put the industry on its head since its release. Simplistic in design, Camel Crusher takes your sounds to the next level with its cutting-edge effects.

Bought out by Apple in 2015, Camel Audio’s plugins have since been integrated into Apple’s Digital Audio Workstation, Logic Pro X.

 This plugin is essentially a distortion plugin that can be used on everything from basses and subs to even vocals and reverbs.

It even has little subtle controls onboard like a compressor and a filter. Perfect the dial in the perfect sound of distortion and saturation you need.

 Throughout this review we will go into the specific parameters of this plugin and how it functions. We will also look at both the Negative and Positives of this plugin, in case you want to get your hands on it yourself.  


  • FREE
  • User Friendly
  • Intuitive
  • Light on CPU
  • Onboard Effects Features
  • Amazing Presets


  • Discontinued from home site
  • Difficult to locate
  • No product support available 


 There are quite a few functions available for the Camel Crusher VST. Up next we’ll get into each one and how to use them.

 When you first bring up the plugin, at the very top you’ll notice the preset “Patch” selection menu. To the right of that you will find the “Randomize” button for the patches.

Camel Crusher

 There are 20 presets all together with “British Crunch” being my personal favorite. A lot of these presets are incredibly versatile. Giving you everything from tube distortion emulations to pedal amp.

 The randomize feature actually randomizes the parameters functions you have available for a distinct sound every time. You can also turn each of the effects modules off you that they will not be affected by the randomize feature. This can be helpful if you already have the effect the way you want but just want to make subtle changes.

 Next, right below the patch and randomize features you find 4 effects modules that include distortion, compressor, filter, and master.


Camel Crusher

 The distortion module can be seen represented in two areas, both “TUBE” and “MECH”. If you are looking for more of the vintage analog sound, I would say definitely go with the Tube feature. However, if you are looking for a grittier mechanical pedal sound, I would say go with the Mech option. Both sound great and are very accurately emulated.


Camel Crusher

The filter module is represented by two areas, both “CUTOFF” and “RES” or resonant. The cutoff option will cut any unwanted frequencies that may be harsh from the distortion just like a high cut filter or low pass. The resonant on the other hand will boost frequencies where you have the cutoff option set up.


Camel Crusher

 The Compressor section is slightly different with “AMOUNT” dial and a “P” button that I see stands for “Phat Mode”. The Amount section simply lets you dial in the amount of compression you want on the affected sound. This helps to bring out more of the subtle nuances of the effect, and lets it be heard better in certain scenarios. The Phat Mode button takes whatever compression you’ve added and amplifies it tremendously. You will definitely hear a major difference when it is engaged.


Camel Crusher

 The master section is simple enough. It contains two parameters both “VOLUME” and “MIX”. The Volume dial of course just affects the overall volume of the plugin. The Mix dial controls how much of the overall affected plugin will be on the source affected sound. All the way to the right is 100% affected, while all the way to the right isn’t affected at all. This can be compared to a dry/wet knob we see in a lot of other plugins on the market.

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 How do I know what to use Camel Crusher on?

 The great thing about this plugin, Camel Crusher is it is quite versatile. It can be used on anything you want to have a little bit more bite and crunch on. This includes, 808s, Vocals, Guitars, Synths, and Drum Sounds.

 I personally love using this an effect on vocals. Especially if the vocal talent is screaming to really enhance the message being performed.

 Of course, historically distortion has always been used on guitars to get that gritty sound, however this plugin will do wonders on your 808s.

 It will help fatten them up and hit and cut through the mix just a little bit better than the original 808.

 However, don’t be shy. Play around with this Camel Crusher plugin and try it on anything you’d like.


 Unfortunately, as I stated before this amazing plugin company that created Camel Crusher was bought and acquired by Apple in 2015. It was largely still available on the company’s site and is still floating around on some 3rd party companies’ websites. However, if this plugin is no longer available to you, I will list some valuable alternatives you could try and get the same effect if not better.

 Soundtoys Decapitator

Soundtoys decapitator

 Created by Soundtoys who has other epic plugins like the Effectrack and Echoboy, Decapitator is known for its grit. The thing I love the most about this plugin are the distortion types located below. They are very accurately emulated off of very highly acclaimed and iconic pieces of analog gear. Definitely a great alternative.

 Fabfilter Saturn 2

Fabfilter Saturn

 Fabfilter is yet another great plugin company who makes incredible plugins like their Pro-Q series as well as others. However, their Saturn plugin takes the cake as far as saturation and distortion goes. What is even great about this plugin is you can saturate and distort just certain frequencies that you want. I love using this plugin to fatten up drums and just about anything really.

Izotope Trash 2

Izotope trash 2

 Trash by Izotope to me is another slept on plugin when it comes to distortion. There are plenty of speaker and space emulations in this plugin. As well as sophisticated filtering and dynamics effects. You can also distort up to 4 frequency bands at a time.

Kilohearts Distortion

kilohearts distortion

 Kilohearts is another dope plugin company who has more recently worked with the company Slate Digital to incorporate their plugins in Slate’s everything bundle. Their distortion plugin however, is def cutting edge. The plugin has 5 different distortion types and can snapin to Kilohearts Toolbox to work with other incredible plugins.

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 In conclusion, the Camel Crusher plugin by Camel Audio is an extraordinary plugin. Especially due to the fact that it is 100% FREE. The fact that you get so much with this free plugin to me makes it a steal.

The learning curve on this plugin isn’t too shabby at all and you can pull this thing up, go through some presets and be up and running with an amazing sound in minutes.

 Although this plugin is discontinued, you can still get your hands on it on some 3rd party websites and different places on the web.

 If you are looking for an inexpensive distortion option that will give you an A level sound, look no further than Camel Crusher. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for checking out our Camel Crusher review!


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