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The Best FREE Autotune Plugins

The Best FREE Autotune Software Plugins 2020

 These days Autotuned Vocals has become a stable in our industry. No longer just used as simply an effect, Autotune has now become the norm. That being said, the plugin itself can be pretty expensive. Ranging anywhere from $199 to $399, the plugin itself can break the bank.

Luckily though, there are quite a few alternative options, and these days even for free. These plugins are different, but essentially do the same thing to achieve the vocal corrective sound, depending on how much of the effect you want to use.

 In general, vocal or pitch correction plugins help to subtly correct small imperfections in an artist’s vocal performance. The changes can range from very minute to drastically different. This article is perfect if you're looking for the online FREE Autotune alternative. Here we will list the top FREE Autotuner plugins capable of substituting Antares Autotune. 

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  1. KeroVee by g200kg


 KeroVee is an older pitch correction plugin that was released back in 2010. Though it may not look as favorable as many other plugins, rest assure it holds its own. While the plugin doesn’t exactly give you the T-Pain effect, it does adjust pitch quite accurately.

It’s actually closer to what you’d find with the plugin Melodyne. The scaled interface on the left-hand side of the plugin depicts exactly what KeroVee is doing and respond accordingly. Another notable feature only found in KeroVee is the nuance parameter.

This feature allows you to ignore any small insignificant changes in pitch like normal vibrato from that may be wanted. The only downside I must say to this plugin is its only Windows 32 bit based. Meaning it’s a no go for all my Mac OS users.

Download KeroVee for FREE here: KeroVee (Windows Only)

  1. GSnap by Graham Yeadon 


GSnap is the OG of Free Autotune Plugins, as it was the first widely available Free Autotune plugin. Back then to have a plugin that achieves this feat was quite scarce.

One of the great features of that makes this plugin so awesome is its ability to be controlled by MIDI that you can personally feed it. For instance, if you want to correct an artist vocal performance by simply playing in the notes via a piano plugin, GSnap will then use this data as a guide and correct the notes.

Another notable feature on this plugin is the ability to add and adjust vibrato, which is incredible given this is a free plugin. It also has an onboard gate that allows you to set the sensitivity of the plugin in case there are some quieter parts of a vocal performance you don’t want affected.

Like KeroVee, unfortunately the only downside to this plugin I see is it is available only for Windows based systems. So again, if you are a Mac OS user this will not work. Other than that though, this plugin is pretty solid, especially for free. When it comes to a free Autotuner vst, KeroVee doesn’t miss.

 Download GSnap for FREE here: GSnap (Windows Only)

  1. MAutoPitch by Melda Production


 Melda Production is known for its amazing high-quality plugins both free and paid. I actually personally use a lot of their plugins daily, especially their metering plugins. MAutoPitch doesn’t miss the mark and shows us that Melda is just as good at vocal pitch plugins as well.

The pitch control is very intuitive with adjustable parameters like depth, range, scale, detune and speed. It also contains a nice stereo width feature that can be useful especially for background vocals in the mix.

The FREE Autotuner plugin also contains an onboard effects section where you can shift the formants of your vocal and also play around with the dry/wet signal. Adjusting the formant can be very crucial when pitching vocals. This can help to give the vocal a more realistic sound. MAutoPitch also has a visual display that shows you every note that is being detected.

There is also a scale function that allows you select a scale to operate on. MAutoPitch comes bundled in a group of dope plugins from Melda Production and is available for both PC and Mac OS.

Download MAutoPitch for FREE here: MAutoPitch (Mac OS and Windows)

  1. Graillon 2

Graillon 2

Graillon 2 by Auburn Sounds is definitely worthy of the top spot in our list of best free Autotune plugins for good reason. It is compatible with just about every digital audio workstation on the market, as well as available on both Mac and PC via VST or AU formats. Pitch correcting vocals with Graillon 2 is simply a breeze.

Just add the plugin as an insert on your vocal processing chain and you are good to go. If you need even more added control, the plugin has control feature like pitch correction speed, note scale range control, and note detection.

Graillon also has the ability to be subtlety adjusted to sound more realistic and human. There is also a mix knob that allows you to further control just how much of the affect you want on the vocal sound.

Another notable feature is the onboard bitcrusher area that give a vocal more grit and dirt as an extra affect. To me this plugin is the crème of the crop when it comes to free Autotune plugins period.

 Download Graillon for FREE here: Graillon (Mac OS and Windows)


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  1. Voloco


Voloco by Resonant City is simple but dope plugin that I feel should be merely used as a creative effects tool. This plugin while great isn’t suited at all for pitch correction, but simply for creative uses only.

The sound of the plugin is a very robotic and vocoded sound. However, as a free plugin it was definitely up to make the list. It is available for both PC and Mac OS as well. It is also available as a FREE Autotune apps as well.

Download Voloco for FREE here: Voloco (Mac OS and Windows)



In today’s era of music, the Autotune sound has almost become somewhat of a necessity on vocals. Because of this, it’s great to see that there are some free Autotuner options for those music producers and engineers just starting out or on a tight budget. Hopefully, we were able to help you decide some great options to achieve this sound for free! Use the links above, download these for free and tell us what you think?


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Do you use any of these plugins in your workflow? Are there some FREE Autotune software plugins we missed that you love? Let us know in the comment area below!

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