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Best Beat Making App for Producers and Beatmakers (Top 5)


Best Beatmaking App for Producers and Beatmakers (Top 5)

Top 10 best Beatmaking apps for beat makers and producers | iamtheinnovator

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 In this modern beat making era, the days of being limited to a desktop computer or laptop containing a DAW are over. Now more than ever we are seeing hit records being created that were made completely from an App. Yes, you heard us correctly an App! More notably, Legendary Producer Madlib stated in a recent tweet, “I made all the beats for Bandana on my iPad”. Please believe he isn’t the first. Other Producers like Mannie Fresh and Steve Lacy have also crafted their own hits using their respective mobile devices and Apps as well. In this article we will touch a few of the best apps for making beats of your own. I present the Top 5 Best Beat Making Apps for Producers and Beatmakers.


Top 5 Beat Making Apps for Producers and Beatmakers | Garageband | iamtheinnovator.com

 Apple’s Garageband app has been around for quite some time now and has been Apple’s go to mobile production app, as no app version of their main DAW, Logic Pro X has been released. However, Garageband fits the bill just fine as it is capable of multitrack recording and MIDI editing. It also boasts a new collection of Touch Instruments and Live Loops. Not to mention the Multi-touch gestures that allow you to play keyboards, guitars, and drum like a pro. You can also plug in your favorite guitar into the plethora of Classic Virtual Amps and Stomp box Effects as well. What is even more incredible is you can run 3rdParty AU Instruments and Effects plugins all from the app itself so you aren’t just limited to the stock plugins it comes with. To me, when it comes to beat making apps, this app just kills the competition period. The greatest thing in my opinion is that this beatmaker app free. As long as you have an apple device this beat making app is free of charge.

iMaschine 2 

Top 5 Beat Making Apps for Producers and Beatmakers| imaschine 2| iamtheinnovator.com

Native Instruments beat making app iMaschine 2 is nothing new on the market but has been slightly updated recently and given a sleeker look. The app has a virtual 16 pads representation and comes equipped with hundreds of onboard professional sounds as well as a smart play keyboard that always keeps things in key. The state-of-the-art arranger allows you to take your loops and scenes turn them into full tracks with just a finger swipe. It also has the basic features we are used to in Maschine with things like note repeat and drum pad modes to help speed up workflow. To me the best feature about iMaschine is you can start a beat here and then export with all the samples into the regular Maschine software and products. If you already use Maschine software you will feel right at home here. 

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Beatmaker 3

Top 5 Beat Making Apps for Producers and Beatmakers| beatmaker 3| iamtheinnovator.com

 This next app to me is a straight monster and a favorite to many mobile based beatmakers who use apps to make beats. Beatmaker 3 comes with 128 banks of 128 pads and each can be used as an instrument with multiple dimensions. You can record, assemble, chop live, and resample on the fly with world renown sampling engine Beatmaker 3 is known for. Sampling is also a breeze with the ZPlane’s Elastique live stretch and pitch shift that allows you to make any sample fit right in with your song’s tempo and key signature. What I love about this platform the most is the sound store which always has professional samples, loops, and sounds at my disposal from incredible sound designers.

FL Studio Mobile

Top 5 Beat Making Apps for Producer and Beatmakers | Fl Studio Mobile App |iamtheinnovator.com FL Studio Mobile is the newest member of apps to make beats on the market and is quite powerful. It comes with quite a few features like Touch Controllers, to be able to configure virtual pianos and drum pads, Audio Recording, to capture live performances, onboard effects, mixers, and midi control as well. You can also export created files as WAV, MP3, or AAC and sync them over multiple devices as well. The app also includes in app purchases for more sounds and drum libraries as well. Overall this beat making app is new to the game and could use some improvement, but is still worth checking out.


Top 5 Best Beat Making Apps for Beatmaker and Producers |iMPC Pro 2| iamtheinnovator.com

 To me, out of all the apps for making beats, this one is a god amongst men. This beat making app is a 64-track music production powerhouse that also comes with built-in sampling capabilities, effects, a sound library, and plenty of performance features. An upgrade from the original iMPC app, this new upgrade boasts more tracks and more music. Each of the 64 tracks contains 4 pad banks of 16 pads to help you build a song from start to finish. Each track also has a dedicated mixer, compressor, and 3 band EQ. Sampling is a breeze with 5 different ways to record audio in. These include the onboard iPad mic, iPad input, Multi-touch virtual turntable interface, Inter App Audio, and Resampling your own audio. The all new Sample Editor is cutting edge multi-touch editing, containing zoom, envelopes, gain controls, and more. Additionally, you can also normalize, reverse, fade in, and amplify all from the sample editor itself. When it comes to kings amongst kings in the beat making app arena, iMPC holds the title.

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