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Top 10 Best VST Plugin Effects For Beatmakers and Producers 2019
    Beatmakers and Producers! Last week we touched on the Top 10 Best VST Plugin instruments in 2019. So I thought it was only fitting we also touch on the Best VST Plugin Effects (Yes AU and AAX as well lol) in 2019. Feel free to let us know if we left any out!

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    1. Effectrix by Sugar Bytes – Released in 2017, Effectrix by Sugar Bytes helped usher a new era in music from Legendary Tastemakers like TM88, Southside, and the rest of 808 Mafia. The multi effects plugin is great for adding movement and character to otherwise stale melodies. It’s also a great sound design tool and can even be used in live environment situations as well. Checkout Effectrix here

    Sugar Bytes Effectrix | iamtheinnovator.com 

    1. Sausage Fattener by Dada Life – This plugin is nothing new in the game but is widely unknown and slept on. Labeled as a saturation plugin, this plugin does wonders on drums and really anything you need to Fatten up! Try it on bass or anything you need for a phat sound. Checkout Sausage Fattener here: http://www.dadalife.com/plugin/

    Sausage Fattner | iamtheinnovator.com 

    1. Decimort 2 by D16 Group – Another favorite of mine Decimort is simply a great plugin of you want to give something a degraded retro type feel. It’s not only a bit crusher but also has onboard effects like filters, jitter, and dithering. The best thing in my opinion about this plugin is the presets which emulate classic analog gear like the MPC 60 and Ensoniq ASR-10 just to name a few. More notably this plugin was used on the steel drums in French Montana’s “Unforgettable” to give them their gritty feel. Checkout Decimort 2 here

    Decimort 2 | iamtheinnovator.com 

    1. Kickstart by Nicky Romero – Kickstart is my go to plugin when I want to give melodies a different vibe and some added excitement. However, it’s just as good in the traditional sense for sidechain kicks and snares as well. I also use then on master samples to help give them more bounce, especially in R&B samples. This is another plugin where the quality is high but the price point is low at only $15. Checkout Kickstart here: https://www.kickstart-plugin.com

    Kickstart | iamtheinnovator.com 

    1. Izotope Vinyl by Izotope – The best thing about this plugin by far is not only is it fire, but its free! For all those who love the warped melodies made popular by producers like Cubeatz, Frank Dukes, and OZ, this plugin is for you. It has warping features as well as electrical noise, mechanical noise, dust and scratch. Not to mention they have a Year setting to accurately emulate the sound of vinyl on those periods. Checkout Izotope Vinyl here: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/create-and-design/vinyl.html

    Izotope Vinyl | iamtheinnovator.com


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    1. Movement by Output – This plugin will take any stale melody and breathe new life into it. Labeled as a rhythm plugin, Movement uses tools such as LFOs, Step Sequencers, and Macros to create unique feel and improvements to your melodies. It also has 300 onboard presets that you can use at your disposals well. Checkout Movement here

    Output Movement | iamtheinnovator.com 

    1. Looperator by Sugar Bytes – Similar to Effectrix and made by the same company, Looperator has similar approach to what it does but it slightly different. Looperator chops up your audio and turns into something completely new. With time stretch, talkbox, and a 16-step sample slicer, you can create whole new ideas out of previous ones. I personally love to use this plugin on my hi hats to spice them up a bit. Checkout Looperator here

    Looperator | iamtheinnovator.com

         3.   Wow Control by Goodhertz – Widely unheard of, Wow Control is another warping tape plugin that’s great for catching that detuned vibe used producers like Cubeatz, Frank Dukes and Pvlace of 808 Mafia. Wow Control however, has so many more options and tools to play with. You can control noise, wobble, as well as the harmonics associated with analog tape and cassette. It even emulates the 3 analog tape modes as well. Checkout Wow Control here: https://goodhertz.co/wow-ctrl

      Wow Control Goodhertz | iamtheinnovator.com


      1. Halftime by Cableguys – The greatest thing about this plugin is not only is it dope, and gives you the coveted halftime effect that has been so popular from gross beat users in recent years, but its only $12. At that price point to me it’s a steal for such a powerful effect. It can transform an ok melody into something new or simply give you added variety to complement what you already have. Checkout Halftime here

      Cableguys Halftime | iamtheinnovator.com 

      1. RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio – Well we’ve finally made it to the top fx plugin and this one tops the list for good reason. RC-20 while similar to other vinyl and tape emulations, can do all that more. This includes everything from Cassette Tapes to even VHS emulations as well. The plugin itself comes stock 6 unique fx modules where you can add things like noise, bit reduction, and distortion. It also has a plethora of presets suited for just about each and every instrument from guitars to keys and bass. Checkout RC-20 Retro Color here

        RC-20 Retro Color | iamtheinnovator.com

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