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Top 10 Best VST Plugins For Beatmakers and Producers 2019

Beatmakers and Producers! It is that time yet again to cover the Top 10 Best VST Plugins in 2019. With the ever-changing trends in the industry it is important that we stay up on what is current and relevant in our niche. In the arena of music production, things change fast so knowledge is definitely power. That being said I present to you Top 10 Best VST Plugins For Beatmakers and Producers 2019 🎹. Blog

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  1. ReFx Nexus 2

Refx Nexus 2 | iamtheinnovator.com

 Of course, this plugin is nothing new, but is still a go to in so many of our favorite productions we know and love. With the recent addition of the Artist Series to the arsenal in recent years, the plugin has been reinvigorated with new and cutting-edge sounds for every genre. You can find sounds from Nexus being used in productions from A-List Producers like DJ Mustard, as well as TM88 and Southside of 808 Mafia. More recently Nexus 2 was used in Lil’ Wayne’s Carter V, on the song “Open Safe”. It features the preset “PL VZ Bells 2” under Plucked in Nexus 2. 

  1. Output Arcade 

Output Arcade | iamtheinnovator.com

 Released just this past year Output’s newest subscription-based plugin Arcade is slowly becoming a secret weapon for mainstream and underground producers. The plugin itself has a wide variety of libraries to choose from with everything from loop libraries to actual playable instruments. Arcade is also organized into 3 categories which include Product Lines, Kits, and Loops which can all be synced to the tempo of your DAW. Last but certainly not least, this plugin allows you to import your own samples and use their effects to manipulate them in your own creative ways with their incredible onboard effects engine. To me the greatest thing about this plugin is it is constantly being updated with new libraries all the time so the inspiration is endless. All this for only $10/month, to me it’s worth every penny.

  1. IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2 

IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2 | iamtheinnovator.com

 Here is yet another underrated plugin that some may or may not know about. Miroslav Philharmonik 2 is an Orchestral Plugin full of rich sounds including guitars, violins, cellos, trumpets, french horns, trombones and more. It is also packed with over 58GB of sounds with over 2,700 instruments that have been sampled into the library. More notably this has been a go to plugin for the Multi-Platinum Producer Duo Cubeatz, who use this plugin in many of their most popular productions.

  1. Native Instruments Kontakt 6

Native Instruments Kontakt 6 | iamtheinnovator.com

    Another Vet in the game, Kontakt has been around for quite some time. Now with updated Kontakt 6, we get a little more power and more plugins libraries added to the mix. It comes with a full arsenal including some newbies like the synth Analog Dreams, instrument Ethereal Earth, and Hybrid Keys. As well as new effects like Replica delay, room reverb, and cry wah. To me the greatest feature of this plugin is the endless 3rdParty libraries by various companies at your disposal. If you’re bold and want to create your own 3rdParty instruments for Kontakt, there is a new and improved debugger feature in creative tools that allows you to identify and fix script issues more easily. Overall this plugin to me is a must have period.

    1. Xfer Serum 

      Xfer Serum | iamtheinnovator.com

    If you haven’t heard about this plugin than you must have been hiding under a rock the last couple of years. Since its rise to fame in the industry around 2015, Serum has become a stable for EDM and Pop Producers specifically. But don’t let that fool you, Serum is just as powerful in the realms of Hip Hop and Trap as well. One of the biggest features renowned by everyone is the ability to import your own wavetables within the synth itself. This includes classic wavetables from classic synths of the past as well which enable you to build a whole slew of different sounds never possible before. Let’s also not forget the built-in effects, ability to import your own audio samples, and real-time wavetable manipulation. All around this plugin is simply fire!

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    1. Tone 2 ElectraX/Electra2 

      Tone 2 ElectraX | iamtheinnovator.com

    This is by far becoming one of the biggest go to plugins for the modern day producer. Electra by Tone2 can be used as a synthesizer as well an audio playback engine for importing your own audio samples. With over 1300 production ready sounds already included, there are endless possibilities of creativity. I think the biggest highlight of this plugin is the endless amount of 3rd Party Expansions out there that have been used on countless hits in the industry. This plugin is definitely still my main go to in 2019.

    1. AIR Xpand! 2 

      AIR Xpand! 2 | iamtheinnovator.com

    This plugin is so slept on it is ridiculous! Xpand! 2 by AIR, has got to be one of the most versatile plugins I’ve had the pleasure of using in a long time. Originally only offered as a plugin native to Pro Tools. AIR has now made this colossal plugin available for everyone in every DAW. One of my favorite features of this plugin are the Advanced Arpeggiation and Multitimbral aspects allowing you to mix and match presets for endless possibilities. More notably this plugin was used on quite a few early Drake records including 2011’s “Headline” which featured the patch #13 “Eurodance” under #11 Soft Leads in Xpand! As well as 2012’s “Thinking Bout You” by Frank Ocean which feature the patch #6 “Scanner Pad” under #1 Soft Pads. This plugin should absolutely be in your everyday arsenal!

    1. Arturia Analog Lab/Arturia VCollection 7

      Arturia Analog Lab | iamtheinnovator.com

     Yet another GOAT plugin, this one has some serious history in the industry. For those who don’t know, this is a whole collection of classic analog synths recreated in a virtual plugin at your disposal. I’m talking classic synths used in records by the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Bon Jovi, Earth Wind & Fire, and Prince just to name a few. The Analog Lab is dope is because you can mix and match the classic synths to create all new sounds never possible before. However, the standard VCollection is just as good. Giving you access to over 24 iconic instruments. One of the more notable aspects is Arturia also has a store dedicated to new and innovative presets for each classic synth, as well as presets from the classic records we all know and love. Endless inspiration!

    1. Spectrasonics Keyscape

    Spectrasonics Keyscape | iamtheinnovator.com

      Indeed, a fan favorite, Keyscape has taken the producing world by storm since its release. To me this is the cream of the crop when it comes to sampled keys period. Not just pianos, but Rhodes, Wurlitzers, and other classic keyboard-based instruments as well. With over 500 total sounds and 36 instrument models, this to me is the best sounding and most accurate keys collection on the market.

      1. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

      Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 | iamtheinnovator.com

        This year yet again Omnisphere 2 reigns supreme on top of the VST Plugin list. I mean, can you blame it though? This year we saw the introduction of Omnisphere 2.5 and 2.6, which gave us access to a slew of new features and sounds. One of the biggest being hardware synth integration as well as the sounds of classic analog synths like the Roland D-50 and Jupiter. With such a massive sound library that is constantly being updated it’s no wonder why this plugin is such a no brainer for producers. As far as notable sounds and presets, we can go with the preset “Pinging Cheese Delay” under Retro Land, which was used in Cardi B’s song “Drip” feat Migos.

        Hope You Enjoyed Our Blog! Top 10 Best VST Plugins For Beatmakers and Producers 2019!

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