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Top 10 Chord Progression Generator VSTs To Make Amazing Melodies

Top 10 Chord Progression Generator VSTs To Make Amazing Melodies

Top 10 Chord Progression Generator VSTs to Make Amazing Melodies

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 Chord Progressions are the foundation of music. These serve as the background bed for the melodies we all know and love. However, unless you are a music theory guru or can read and write music, learning chord progressions can be a struggle.

  I mean even if you are a seasoned pro, nothing is like having instant inspiration at your fingertips. Chord Progression Generator plugins are absolutely clutch and can make you come up with melodies and combinations you never even thought about.

 So, on that note let’s get into it! Top 10 Best Chord Progression Generator VSTs to Make Amazing Melodies.

  1. Scaler 2 | Plugin Boutique


 Scaler by Plugin Boutique an amazingly intuitive plugin that has great musical composition features. It allows you easily combines chords with features such as note detection, scale selection, chord suggestions, editing tools, and a whole lot more.

Scaler can automatically detect the scale and key of your musical project and then recommend chords that will fit in to the project seamlessly. Scaler also has a library of 2,000 scales and modes that have both artist and genre specific presets included.

 They even have a built-in sound engine to test out the MIDI pattern you’ve created, using Scaler as a virtual plugin itself. You can also export the MIDI for the compositions you’ve created and place them anywhere you’d like at any time.

 Scaler uses a MIDI capture feature too that allows you to capture the MIDI from any audio into Scaler and export it right out as a MIDI clip.

Checkout Scaler 2: here

  1. Mixed In Key| Captain Chords

Captain Chords

 Captain Chords by Mixed In Key has got to be one of my favorite Chord Progression Generator plugins by far. This plugin quickly and on the fly, allows you to modify chord progressions inside you DAW.

 Within the Captain Chords plugin itself you can sequence, make custom chords, record, and edit. The plugin ensure also that you always stay in key of your current project within your DAW.

 Captain Chords also has the ability to manipulate your own rhythms to your playing by tapping out the rhythms you want in your chords.

 Not to mention there are also over 100 plus dedicated rhythm presets you can choose from if you not feeling inspired. If that wasn’t enough, it also has a built-in strum feature that allows you to have more realistic sounding progressions.

 Last but least you drag and drop MIDI, MIDI export, MIDI route, and explore the over 249 built in sound the Captain Chords plugin has to offer. A great chord progression generator piano plugin.

Checkout Captain Chords: here

  1. XFER Records | Cthulhu


 Cthulhu is a very distinct plugin that I have seen used by some of the top sound designers and music producers in the game. It is basically a 2-part MIDI Fx module combined into one single plugin.

 One part of the plugin is a memorizer and player that allows you to re imagine chord progressions with single notes presses.

The second part of the plugin is the arp module that allows you to transform your chords in a new way you may not have thought of. The inspiration with Cthulhu is endless with the ability to record your own chords in or import your own MIDI.

 Cthulhu also comes with over 150 chord presets for a limitless possibility of chord combinations and can also analyze the chords you play and offer suggestions. This include using tools like the circle of fifths, chromatic, low note, etc. Definitely a great all in one plugin for sure.

Checkout Cthulhu: here

  1. Intuitive Audio | Chord Composer

Chord Composer

 Chord Composer by Intuitive Audio is yet another incredible chord progression generator plugin. You can audition chord progressions, edit, and sequence all within the plugin itself.

 Other notable features in this chord progression generator are the customizable chord progression builder, MIDI sequencing, MIDI editing, Rhythm pattern generators, and visual chord charts.

 Chord composer also features guitar mode where you can strum different chord progressions to hear how they sound if a guitar played them. Almost like a guitar chord progression generator, with the ability to drag and drop MIDI right into your DAW of choice.

Checkout Chord Composer: here

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  1. FeelYourSound | Chord Potion

Chord Potion

 Chord Potion is chord progression generator plugin that can help you create new melodies and harmonic compositions instantly.

 The plugin also allows you to mix and combine different playing styles to help you generate unique compositions you wouldn’t normally think of in your project.

 Another cool feature is this chord generator plugin also allows you to drag and drop MIDI into your favorite DAW.

Checkout Chord Potion: here

  1. W.A. Production | Instachord 


Instachord by W.A. Productions is yet another dope chord progression generator vst that helps you play chords and progression in a pinch. If you are a song writer or producer this tool also helps speed up your workflow.

 The great thing of this chord progression generator vst is that it can play chords any combination of notes and with different voicings. You can also learn some music theory to help you on your producer journey.

 You also have access to hundreds of common chords as well as unlimited combinations of those chords as well. Great tool for songwriters and musicians alike.

Checkout Instachord: here

  1. Re-Compose | Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes by Re-Compose is an amazing chord progression generator vst that can help chords, chord progressions, and scales.

 This chord progression generator vst is a little different in the fact that it works with any plugin inserted on your corresponding track and as a standalone plugin itself. Liquid Notes also routed the MIDI data back into your sequencer.

 From here when you’re finished you can simply record the music right back into your sequencer. Liquid notes will also give you chord suggestions and allow you to customize progressions with tools like, Chord substitutions, alternate functions, adding tension and more.

 All in all, this plugin is a top-notch chord progression generator vst and much more! 

Checkout Liquid Notes: here

  1. Moziac Beats | Chord Prism

Chord Prism

 Chord Prism is a dope chord progression generator vst that is said to “Enhance your ability to play keyboard with patented technology”. The plugin also raves that you can create stunning melodies, bass lines, and arpeggios over any chord progression.

 The basics are simple with Chord Prism, just choose your respective key and scale and the plugin will map out of the relevant notes and chords across your keyboard.

 It also features an onboard chord generator with chord editing options and various MIDI effects. One of the most interesting features of this chord progression generator Vst is its sync feature.

 This allows you to have many instances of the plugin open and they will share and sync key, scale, and chord information. This plugin is a sure bet, especially for the price point. 

Checkout Chord Prism: here

  1. MIDI Madness Software | MIDI Madness 3

MIDI Madness 3

MIDI Madness 3 is an algorithmic melody generator perfect to get your tracks jumpin in a pinch. The plugin uses a simple set of probability weightings to create unlimited numbers of melodies.

 All you need to do is set the parameters, like a chord sequence and some MIDI controls and MIDI Madness will get to work creating amazing melodies, chord progressions, and sequences for you.

 You are now also able to load your favorite synth and work with MIDI Madness 3 directly. Another notable thing about this chord progression generator vst is also has live performance options as well. 

Checkout MIDI Madness 3: here

  1. Hook Theory | Hook Pad

Hook Pad

Hook Pad by Hook Theory is more or less a chord progression and melody sketchpad. It contains built-in music theory, melody guides, and intelligent chord suggestions that can assist you in writing some of the most amazing melodies and chords.

 Hook Pad also includes a huge library of chords and melodies from over 13,000 hit songs from the past and present. You can then use this as inspiration and a starting point and retextualize them as your own.

 This chord progression generator software also allows you to drag and drop MIDI in tracks for Logic Pro, FL Studio, Ableton Live, and many more.

 Moreover, you can also export your compositions to sheet music, lead sheets, or guitar tabs as well. This is an absolute incredible tool and be used an amazing resource.

Checkout Hook Pad: here


In Conclusion, there are definitely a plethora of options when it comes to Chord Progression Generator plugins and Vsts.

Depending on your needs to me they all seemingly can do the job. It just comes done to a matter of taste, cost, and what works best for your workflow.

What are your favorite Chord Progression Generator Plugins? How do you use them in your workflow? Comment Below.


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