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The Best Reverb Plugins for Music Production & Recording

The Best Reverb Plugins for Music Production & Recording

Reverb has always been a staple in music since the early days in the modern era of recording. Adding space, depth, and perspective, is just one a few thing reverb is known to do. In today's era though there are also a plethora of different types of reverb plugins that help to better achieve this sound as a whole with added convenience. That being said, dive in while we go into our picks for the Best Reverb Plugins for Music Production and Recording.


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 10. Waves R-Verb


Waves Rverb

 Waves Renaissance Reverb or R-Verb is classic recursive reverb that emulates vintage sounds from 12 different reverb types. These include halls, room, chamber, church, plates, echoverb, gated, reverse, and many more. R-verb also has an advanced early reflection system, dual band EQ, and damping controls.

 Another notable feature is the plethora of presets from world renown producers and engineers like Michael Bauer, Eddie Kramer, and more. Overall, this reverb plugin has so much flexibility, giving you the right reverb sound for just about any situation. Definitely top shelf when it comes to Waves Plugins.


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9. Soundtoys Little Plate


Soundtoys Little Plate

Little Plate by Soundtoys is a reverb plugin that was inspired by the original EMT 140 plate reverb. The original actual plate reverb could only do 5 seconds of reverb max. However, the plugin has managed to boost the time to an infinite setting that runs up to forever! It also has an onboard low-cut filter to get out any of that muddiness in your mix out introduced from the plugin itself.

The reverb plugin also contains a mod switch that allows you to add a little modulation into the reverb tail. This can help to offer an overall thick sound to the reverb especially on things like keys, guitars, and voices. All in all, this a great little reverb plugin for price and handy on the go if you’re looking for a plate type reverb plugin.

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8. Lexicon PCM Native Bundle


Lexicon pcm bundle

The PCM Bundle is a collection of reverb plugins types including halls, plates, rooms, concert halls, and chambers that are based on the classic Lexicon reverb hardware unit used for the past 40 years in all major studios.

Each plugin algorithm has the ability to be run in either mono, stereo, or a combination of the two. The visual interface has 9 of the logical parameters including knobs to control early and late reflections, as well as EQ settings like shelf, frequency, and band. This plugins like the classic hardware its emulated off of will absolutely add some extra spice to your tracks and sounds.

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7. Valhalla Room


Valhalla Room

Valhalla is known for its classic and incredible plugins like Vintage Verb and Shimmer, but a lot of people I sleep on their room reverb plugin. Valhalla Room has 12 original algorithms that provide a wide range of natural reverberation soundscapes. The reverbs range from tight rooms though traditional halls and plates, to vast modulated spaces for deeper reverbs.

Valhalla Room was designed from a psychoacoustic point of view instead of an algorithm based off of an actual physical space. This modeled room has the early and late reflections needed to create the ideal room impression as well.

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6.UAD EMT 140



The EMT Plate reverb is a famous classic hardware plate reverb unit installed in Plant Studios in Sausalito, California. UAD has created 3 modeled versions of this classic unit and added all the warmth and beauty of the original.

On the reverb plugin itself it has features like balance, width, and modulation that aren’t available on the original hardware itself. With balance you can play around with how you want a particular sound to be in the stereo field. With the width you can take things like pads and strings and spread their sound wide. Lastly, with the modulation feature you can add some shimmer and shine to things like vocals.

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5. Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven


Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven

Liquid Sonics’ Seventh Heaven plugin is an emulation of the legendary Bricasti M7 reverb unit. The unique convolution-based reverb was specifically designed to meet the specifications of the acclaimed M7 as well.

The reverb plugin also has some pretty incredible curated presets as well. The wide selection halls, plated, chambers, rooms, and ambiences can be accessed with just the touch of a dial, enriching your vocals, drums, synths, and other sounds at your fingertips. In fact, 30 of the Bricasti M7’s biggest reverbs are available at your disposal!

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4. Valhalla Vintage Verb


Valhalla Vintage Verb

Vintage Verb by Valhalla is a greatly popular reverb plugin that is widely known in the Music Producer and Beatmaker community. This plugin is known for emulating the classic hardware digital reverbs of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Each color and sonic artifact is specified to a specific era of music.

The 1970’s era color model is dark and noisy with added random artifacts. The 1980’s era color is funky with a bit of a brighter sound. Last, the Now era color is actually colorless with a digital feel and very much clean sound!

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3. Softube TSAR-1


Softube Tsar-1

The TSAR-1 by Softube is an amazing true stereo algorithmic reverb that has incredible versatility. This particular reverb plugin is not an emulation at all but is made of stock design, and its own product. On the interface it simply has 5 sliders including Predelay, Time, Density, Tone, and high cut.

The Predelay slider is used to adjust the time before the reverb kicks in. Time adjusts the tail while Density controls the lush and sparseness of the reverb. Tone controls whether it is dark or bright and High cut controls the highs making it less harsh. TSAR also comes with a plethora of high-quality presets that make the plugin ready to go in a breeze.

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2. Fabfilter Pro-R


Fabfilter Pro-R

The Pro-R by Fabfilter is an amazing reverb plugin that operates more musically than other traditional technical reverb plugins. Without using more technical terms that may be confusing for some, Pro-R uses terms like Brightness, Character, and Distance that even some beginners can relate to and understand.

On the technical side of things, Pro-R has room models ranging from large concert halls and huge cathedrals to small ambiences and rooms. The Pro-R also doesn’t add any extra coloration, density, and phase issues as well.

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1. Audioease Altiverb


Audio Ease Altiverb

 Now when it comes to the crème of the crop reverb plugins, there is no question that Altiverb by Audioease reigns supreme. This reverb plugin is a convolution-based reverb with sample of just about every space you could imagine. This even includes non-conventional spaces like a car, jumbo jet, train, clubs, stair corridors, and more.

They have literally gone around the world to collect hundreds of different impulse responses from a plethora of different spaces. You can even use features like keyword searching to go through hundreds of spaces to fit your exact need. You can also use the similar feature to find alternative space of a space that may be close to what you are looking for. With so many feature and options, it’s no wonder Altiverb tops the list of the best reverb plugins for music recording and production.

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In conclusion, the best reverb for you really is a matter of taste and preference depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Whether it is placing a sound in particular space or giving a vocal the right amount of perceived distance, knowing when and why to apply the right reverb will bring you plenty success.

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