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The Top 10 Best Waves Compressors

The Top 10 Best Waves Compressors

Compressors are an intricate part of the mixing process and serve the purpose of controlling the dynamic range of sounds and instruments. That being said each compressor is different and serves a specific purpose depending on the application. Here are ten of the Best Waves Compressors in no particular order for you to try out yourself. Enjoy!


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10. SSL G Master Buss Compressor

SSL Master bus compressor 

What I love about the SSL G Master Buss Compressor is its versatility and sonic imprint. Although its made to be placed as the last compressor on your master fader, the compressor can placed and used on just about anything.

Known to "glue together" your tracks, the SSL G Master Compressor is also known for taming instrument dynamics and adding punch to percussion and drums.

The compressor itself is originally from the acclaimed SSL 4000 G console, which was very popular in its day and has been used in countless hit records.

As if this wasn’t enough, it also comes with presets from some of the biggest engineers on the planet. including the likes of Chris Lorde-Alge and Dave Pensado, just to name a few. Checkout this video of famed audio engineer, Tony Maserati using the SSL G Master Buss Compressor to do some parallel compression on drums.

Grab Waves SSL G Master Buss Compressor Here: SSL G Master Buss Compressor 🔥


9. Waves Renaissance Compressor

Waves Renaissance Compressor 

The Waves Renaissance Compressor or R Compressor for short, has been a gold standard for smooth and great-sounding compression for years. Using both vintage opto and electro modes, this plugin has given the top musicians and engineers unparalleled results in the industry.

The featured controls on the R Compressor are threshold, ratio, attack, release, and output gain. You also have the ability to switch from opto to electro mode as well natively within the plugin itself.

Check out this video of Multi-platinum and Grammy Award Winning Engineer for Pharrell, Mariah Carey ,and Jermaine Dupri, Phil Tan. As he uses the Renaissance Compressor to tame the dynamics of the synth on Rihanna's hit song, "Diamonds".

Grab Waves Renaissance Compressor Here: Waves Renaissance Compressor 🔥


8. Waves CLA-76 Compressor

Waves CLA-76 Compressor

This compressor plugin by Waves is an emulation of the famed 1176 hardware compressor used in countless hit records both new and old. Known for its super fast attack, the 1176 compressor works incredibly well with parallel compression, especially on drums and percussion.

The compressor itself comes in 2 classic versions. The "blacky" and "bluey", both of which have an incredibly fast attack time( as quick as 50 microseconds), perfect making things hit hard.

It also features the classic "ALL" control that allows you to punch in all of the ratios at once for an explosive unmatched sound. Checkout this video showing exactly how you can use the CLA-76 for parallel compression on drums teamed up with PuigTec EQ.

Grab Waves CLA 76 Here: Waves CLA 76 🔥


7. Waves DBX 160 Compressor 

Waves dbx 160

The Dbx 160 compressor from Waves is a digital remake of the classic Dbx compressor that has been coined as "One of The Best Drum Compressors Ever".

With its fast acting attack, this compressor was the go to on many hit records in the 70's and all throughout the 80's. Even the later models would go on to become industry standards in most studios around the world.

Not only has Waves meticulously modeled the original piece of hardware, they have also added features not found natively on original as well. These include the Waves MS matrix, a stereo component, and mix and noise controls.

Checkout this video of The Production Expert reviewing the Waves Dbx 160 Compressor below.

Grab Waves Dbx 160 Compressor Here: Waves Dbx 160 Compressor 🔥


6. Waves C4 Multiband Compressor

C4 Multiband Compressor

Waves C4 multiband compressor has the capability to compress four different frequency ranges independently, all at the same time. This allows you to be able to sculpt vocal frequencies and dynamic responses with pinpoint precision.

One of the main things I love about the Waves C4 Multiband Compressor is the ability to have total control of which frequencies I want to compress. Say I want to just control the lower mids on a guitar track or group of guitar tracks, I can just duck the frequencies that I want specifically to control.

Checkout this video of legendary engineer Tony Maserati using the C4 Multiband Compressor to tame specific frequencies on a vocal. 

Grab Waves C4 Compressor Here: Waves C4 Compressor 🔥

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5. Waves PuigChild Compressor 

Waves PuigChild Compressor

The Waves PuigChild Compressor is based on the famous Fairchild 660 and 670 compressors. In the era of vinyl, these were the creme of the crop, go to compressors of that day. 

Known for its advanced compression techniques and unique warm sound, it was featured on countless hit records of that particular time. Waves has now teamed up with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig and created a virtual version of the famous compressor down to every detail and nuance and called it the PuigChild Compressor.

Checkout this video of Jack Joseph Puig himself explaining in more detail about the plugin based on his own personal Fairchild Compressor.

Grab Waves PuigChild Compressor Here: Waves PuigChild Compressor 🔥


4. Waves Kramer Pie Compressor

Waves Kramer Pie Compressor

The Waves Kramer Pie was developed in association with legendary Producer/Engineer Eddie Kramer and based on the infamous Pye compressor. This was used in his historic sessions at London's acclaimed Olympic Studios.

 This was a mainstay for British Studio during the classic rock era and the Pye compressor is considered to be one of the best bus compressors of all time.

The Kramer Pie has meticulously modeled the famed compressor in explicit detail, with even the VU meter having accurate sensitivity and ballistic behavior of an actual physical VU meter.

Checkout this video, where the Kramer Pie is used in action to help bring out the sound of a drum mic better.

Grab Waves Kramer Pie Compressor Here: Kramer Pie Compressor


3. Waves CLA 2A Compressor 

Waves CLA 2A

 The Waves CLA 2A plugins is modeled on the legendary electro-optical compressor that has a smooth behavior that engineers have loved since the 60's.

This compressor is ver versatile and shines not only on guitars and basses, but especially on vocals. To top it off it is also filled with Chris Lorde-Alge's personal presets for endless inspiration.

Checkout this video showcasing the CLA 2A in action during a shootout of other compressors on vocals.

Grab Waves CLA 2A Here: Waves CLA 2A 🔥


2. Waves API 2500

Waves API 2500

API is a cutting-edge company that makes incredible sounding consoles and outboard gear. One of which is the classic API 2500 compressor. This versatile dynamics processor allows you to shape the punch and tone of your mix with incredible accuracy.

 Waves' API 2500 also has dual channel design that allows the 2500 to function as two separate mono channels via a single compression setting. Using the auto-makeup gain feature also allows you to adjust the Threshold and Ratio while automatically maintaining a constant output level.

 Containing both "feed back" and "feed forward" compression types, the Waves API 2500 has a wide variation of musical parameters that have made this plugin admired all over the world.

Check this video of the front of house engineer for the group One Republic, using the Waves API 2500 on live drums, giving it some parallel compression.

Grab Waves API 2500 Here: Waves API 2500🔥


1. Waves Renaissance Vox

Waves Renaissance Vox

Waves Renaissance Vox or Rvox, known affectionately by some, is a wildly popular compressor plugin used on countless hit records over the last decade plus.

The Rvox plugin combines compression, gating, and limiting with an approach that just makes things sound amazing. The legendary dynamic curve allows any vocal to just cut through the mix with unmatched detail and body.

Intuitive and simple, this plugin has been hailed by the top engineers in the industry like Drake's Engineer/Producer Noah "40" Shebib as "one the most important vocal plugins ever made".

Checkout this video by top Engineer Jaycen Joshua as he recounts using Rvox as his secret weapon to get his vocals sitting right in the mix.

Grab Waves Rvox Here: Waves Rvox 🔥



Waves compressor plugins are some of the most sought after and used compressor plugins available on the market. With a plethora of choices available, you simply need to pick the right one you need for each application.  Either way, you can't go wrong with any of the choices we stated above!



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