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The Best Delay VST Plugins for Music Production & Recording

The Best Delay VST Plugins for Music Production & Recording

Delay is one the most prominent components of both Music Production and Music Recording and Mixing today. You will hear this element on just about every song you hear out on the radio in some form or capacity. Now some of you may be asking? What is Delay and how do you use it? We will answer all these questions and more as we dive into the 10 Best Delay VST Plugins for Music Producer and Audio Engineers.

 What is Delay

Delay, not to be confused with Reverb, is simply the same audio signal being repeated over and over again to a desired amount of time. The number of times the signal is repeated is called feedback.


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10. Softube Tube Delay

Softube Tube Delay

Tube Delay by Softube is a vintage style delay vst plugin based on a classic analog echo unit from the past. The plugin itself has 3 modeled tube stages that can be overdriven for extra gritty saturated delays. This includes typical slap back delays to classic reggae dub style echoes.

 As far the basics go, Tube Delay has tempo sync and specific time feature that allow you to tailor it specifically to your song. There is also a vintage style passive onboard EQ that allows you to further tailor your sound within the plugin itself. Overall, this is a solid delay plugin, perfect for any music producer or audio engineer.

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9. Soundtoys Primal Tap

Soundtoys Primal Tap

Primal Tap by Soundtoys is a nostalgic emulation of the 80’s classic Prime Time Delay. Just like the original hardware this plugin is modeled after; Primal Tap is a hybrid of both analog and digital soundscapes. There are also some added controls that differ from the original that add some additional flavor as well.

Another notable feature I love about this plugin is the “freeze” feature. This allows you to take a slice of incoming audio and essentially loop it to a specified time length or tempo. Allowing you to quickly create you own warped soundscapes perfect for things like sound design.

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 8. UAD Galaxy Tape Echo

UAD Galaxy Tape Echo

Galaxy Tape Echo by Universal Audio is an emulation of the classic Roland RE-201 Space Echo. The delay plugin just like the original adds harmonic character and warmth delay on anything it touches. The plugin also has distortion, wow & flutter, and pitch shifting options for more organic sounding time-based effects.

This plugin emulates a piece of analog gear that has immense history as well. The original piece of gear has been used on records from artists like Lee “Scratch” Perry, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and King Tubby. I personally own this plugin and love it on things like vocals and guitars to get that classic analog tape delay sound.

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7. Native Instruments Replika XT

Native Instruments Replika XT

Replika XT by Native Instruments is a delay plugin that has 3 distinct algorithms in place. One is the Vintage digital that aims to deliver the classic grit of the early studio era. Modern is the algorithm that aim to deliver the pristine and clear repeats of high-end units. Last but not least is the Diffusion algorithm that aims to deliver a new sound that blurs the line between delay and reverb.

The delay plugin also has a modulation feature that integrates in a nice resonant filter as well as a classic phaser to give your delay some added motion. Another dope feature about this parameter is its ability to be synced to the tempo of track which can be ideal for sound design. Lastly, you can even adjust the effect in your mix with normal, wide, and ping pong stereo modes.

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 6. Valhalla Delay

Valhalla Delay

The Valhalla delay is an incredible delay plugin that emulates modern delay, as well as classic echo units as well. This include aspects like Tape echo, BBD, pitch shifting, and old-school digital. The Valhalla Delay takes these classic emulations and take them to the next level with the Ratio and Quad delay styles, as well as the Ghost mode which adds frequency shifting and diffusion.

The different modes include, Tape, Hi-Fi, Bucket Brigade, Digital, Ghost, Pitch, Reverse Pitch, BBD Duck, Clarity, and Duck Tape. These modes allow you to switch between the different delay algorithms instantly. The style mode controls the relationship between the left and right channels and the number of delay voices in each channel as well. Overall, just like Valhalla’s other incredible plugins, Valhalla Delay is pristine.

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5. Slate Digital Repeater Delay

Slate Repeater

Repeater by Slate Digital is yet another delay plugin that emulates classic hardware from the past. However, this plugin features 23 authentic emulations to date, all ranging from classic oil cans and tape machines to vintage digital delays. The interface itself is slated to be absolutely user friendly and easy to understand and tweak.

The emulations also offer some pretty amazing effects as well, including authentic pitch, telephone, and vintage tape tones too. The stereo spread option helps to offer wide stereo delay with just the press of a button. Overall this option can help you create some very complex delay soundscapes perfect for unusual creativity. Digital Repeater by Slate Digital is just an around classic delay plugin with limitless options.

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4. Fabfilter Timeless 2

Fabfilter Timeless

Timeless by Fabfilter is a delay plugin that I feel is underrated, but boy does it hold its own. Modeled after classic delay, this plugin uses high quality filters to create incredible soundscapes. You can also create flanger, echo, chorus, phaser, and scratch effects. The delay plugin also has drag and drop modulation features for unlimited modulation possibilities.

Another notable feature is mid/side processing feature and freeze buttons and also cross-feedback and phase inversion. These helps set this plugin apart from other delay plugins with the sheer number of effect possibilities. Last Timeless comes with over 300 presets, crafted to perfection for instant inspiration on your sounds. Timeless by Fabfilter, like other Fabfilter classic plugins is definitely a go to when it comes to delay plugins.

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3. Waves H-Delay

Waves H Delay

H-Delay by Waves is yet another delay plugin that isn’t talked about much, but is widely used in the industry as a go-to delay. It offers the usual settings tempo syncing and time syncing. However, it also offers incredible depth and rate modulation controls, that allows you to take your repeat signal to the next level.

One of my personal favorite features of this delay plugin is the left and right phase invert button. This can be used to give your delay the illusion that it is jumping out of the speaker and extremely wide. H-Delay is one of the few delay plugins I see with this ability. All in all. This plugin is a stable in industry with or without the clout of some of the bigger names.

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2. Baby Audio Comeback Kid

Baby Audio Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid by Baby Audio is definitely the new kid on the block when it comes to all the other delay plugins on the list. But it ranks high on our list for good reason. It comes with your basic delay features like temp sync modes, low and high cut, ping pong, and attack & sustain. The sauce comes in with a few special effects Comeback Kid has tucked up its sleeve.

The most notable feature is the “Richer” knob that allows a pitch-shifting algorithm that allows for lush and wide 80’s type delay responses. There is also a “Destiny” knob that allows for subtle randomization, giving the delay response a more human feel. The last notable feature is the “Cheap” button which give the delay path an 12-bit degraded feel, emulating vintage digital delays. This has easily become one of my favorite delays for its very accurate emulations.

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1. Soundtoys Echoboy

Soundtoys Echoboy

Echoboy by Soundtoys is a delay that is modeled on 30 different vintage Echo boxes from the past. These include classics like the Echo Plex, Space Echo, Memory Man, DM-2, and the Tel-Ray. Echoboy also has classic onboard effects emulations like the CE-1 Chorus, a world-famous guitar pedal chorus.

Echoboy also has powerful saturation effects like “Studio Tape”. For the warm vintage tape sound inspired by the Ampex ATR-102. You can also drive the circuit hard, just like actual analog gear to get a more saturated sound. Echoboy of course has all standard tempo sync and echo features, but it also allows you to get under the hood and tweak to your custom liking using the Rhythm Editor. One of the most sought after and used delay plugins in the music industry and for good reason.

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In conclusion, the best delay plugin is really what works best with your workflow and taste. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish you may need a certain delay tool for the job. This list however, will absolutely put you in the right ballpark of getting started and standing out with your own style and sound. Hope you enjoyed our blog on The Best Delay VST Plugins for Music Producers and Audio Engineers.

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