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Ordnance Hi Hat MIDI Kit

Do you struggle with creating dope hi-hat patterns in your music? You get everything laid down perfect but when it comes to the hi-hats things start to fall apart. Well, let's be clear you aren't the only one by no means with this problem. 

Sometimes creating dope hi-hat patterns can just be strenuous to say the least. Why continue struggling to master the best hi-hat patterns without any aid? To help solve this common problem, I just dropped 50 ROYALTY FREE hi-hat MIDIs full of 🔥 in the style of your favorite Super Producers.

 Simply drag and drop and have fire patterns instantly. This kills two birds with one stone. You get instant inspiration in your music, while also getting the blueprint and MIDI themselves to analyze and see how these dope patterns are created.

Don't like some of the patterns as is? Simply alter the MIDI and make it your own with a starting point. If you want instant success and inspiration when it comes to Hi-hats look no further than our new Hi-hat MIDI kit "Ordnance".

P.S.  We will be reloading y’all every couple months with a fresh Volume to keep your hi-hat ideas fresh and up to date. So be on the lookout. Enjoy!


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